We offer Lead Acid Automotive Batteries in a wide range of varying capacities from as low as 36AH to a high of 200AH all designed to cater for the varying needs of our clients. Notable advantages of these batteries are that they are: low cost – pocket friendly; offer a long service life (if maintained well by the user); easy to recharge when completely discharged.

De-ionized water

We have distilled water with a maximum conductivity of 30Ms/cm. We do advise our customers to use distilled water instead of tap water.

Mixed Acids

Our Acid has a gravity of sg1.25-s.g1.28 at 25 degrees Room temperature, and this is the recommended gravity of filling acid in tropical countries given our high temperatures.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are durable black polypropylene deep cycle batteries and come in the following sizes; EB50 50AH, EB70 70AH EB 130 130AH and, EB200 200AH.

These batteries are made of lead and antimony and are designed for cyclic use and application/ deep cycle operations but not to be used in automobiles.These batteries were tested and proven to have a capacity condition above 90% of rated capacity.

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